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SE.TE.C. is one of the leaders in service and technology for the production of sanitary-ware and table-ware. By operating in the ceramic sector for over 20 years. Some of the most well-known producers of sanitary-ware and table-ware in the world are SE.TE.C customers.

Our products and services are:
  • Complete turn-key sanitary-ware and table-ware plants.
  • Modernization and optimization of existing ceramic product plants.
  • Engineering and Know-How.
  • Modeling (a complete plant is dedicated to the production of mother moulds and moulds).
  • Training and technical assistance for each production department.
  • Technological consultation, ceramics research and laboratory analysis, final product tests.
  • Wide range of machines for each production phase:

Product Groups

Global Plant for Sanitary-ware
Global Plant for Table-ware
Industrial Kiln for Ceramic Industry

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