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Binder & Additive

From the beginning of our business back in 1989, we have been committed on the development, production and marketing of additives to optimize the ceramic production process. In our more than 25 year history Aditivos Cerámicos has evolved with new technologies applied to the ceramic industry, offering at all times advanced and efficient solutions.

Control of glaze parameters like thixotropy and drying time are key issues to achieve a homogeneous application and quality. Aditivos Ceramicos is specialized in development of rheological additives adapted to the production requirements of each customer. A correct and homogeneous dispersion of the slip will prevent in pressing problems. Our deflocculants are custom formulated using a combination of different chemical specialties and taking into account customer conditions as well as raw materials and process water from our customers.

Within the current economical environment in general and particularly in tableware industry, product costs reduction is a key to ensure the competitiveness of the companies. Aditivos Cerámicos provides an advisory service in the reformulation of the body slip that guarantees cost reduction and improved mechanical performance of the final product.

Product Groups

Body Slip for Tableware & Sanitary ware
  • Deffloculant Body: Adicel V1172, Adicel V-677
  • Increase the M.O.R of green strength:
    • For Press Process Adicel V874
    • For Casting Process Morlite V1212
  • Increase the casting rate: Adicast
  • Cleaner for resin moulds: Adinet LM 85, Adinet LM 20
Glaze for Tableware & Sanitary ware
  • CARBOXIMETHYL CELLULOSES (CMC’s): Adicel C1000P, Adicel C70, Adicel C50
  • Anti-Bacterial: Adicel NTL, Adicide BTL
  • BINDER (Rheological Additive): Adicel V753, Adicel V754, Adicel V1102
  • Reduce the drying time for Dipping Process: Dregless
  • Antipinhole for sanitary ware

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